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An Afternoon With Chris

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October 22nd, 2009


So I have been seeing Chris for 90 minutes every Monday at 3:30 for about 2 years. Always brings over a costume or uniform and a bottle of wine so I just make sure my hair and makeup is kicking

Chris is 58 years old .. Married, A very nice guy .. Very generous when he is having a good time

He rang The bell and I buzzed him up. I was wearing a white pair of panties ..

He walked in and I put my hand on his cheek and started making out with him. He handed me a bag and i ducked into the bath room to get into his new outfit

It was a black sexy secretary outfit with black stilettos and black crotchless stockings of course. I left the door cracked so he could get a peak at my legs as I put on the stockings

when I came out he had poured two glasses of wine.

I slowly walked over and started kissing his neck. Running my hands over his pants I could feel how badly he wanted me. With my left hand i undid his trousers and slowly dropped down to my knees. I pulled his cock out of his trousers and wrapped my mouth his head

As his cock slides in and out of my mouth I made sure I kept my index finger and thumb tightly wrapped around his shaft with a slight twisting motion. After about 2 minutes he let out his first moan at that point I knew I owned him

I got up and slowly walked into the bedroom. I could feel his eyes on my ass of course he followed, Pants around his ankles. As soon as he got into the bedroom with me his hands were all over my ass. I crawled into bed with my ass in the air.. he just turned and and plopped in. He got comfortable on his back I crawled up next to him and went back down on him with a very wet B.B.B.J. (Bare Back Blow Job)

I gave him head real slowly for the next hour.. whenever he gets close to cumming I slowdown maybe lick the sides of his cock where he his less sensitive .. Lightly blow on it and when I think he has calmed down a bit I go right back to a hard wet blowjob

Chris is a little heavy and just lays on his back moaning. Telling how great it feels and how much he loves spending time with me

I get up and climb on top of him rubbing my pussy against him.. just slightly out of reach from his cock. I am still dressed in the secretary outfit, high heels and crotchless pantyhose

I bring my pussy up to his face and he starts eating it .. I am on my knees facing the headboard with my legs spread over his face . I cant even see his face because of the skirt

after five minutes he makes me cum.. I am quiet and shake a little bit. Chris always gets gets a huge ego lift when he makes me cum .. Every client does..

I grabbed a condom from the night table and slipped it on him and then slowly let his cock slide into me .. I try and go very slowly when a man gets inside me. I think that first moment their cock feels the inside of my pussy is the most memorable

I start slowly fucking him Cowgirl. I tell him how great his cock feels and how his wife is such lucky lady .. She must love fucking you .. I fuck him real slowly but make sure my pussy slides up and down on his cock as far as it can without letting his cock fall out… after about 10 minutes he cums ..

he gets right out of bed pulls the condom off and hits the bathroom or as he calls it
(Hits the head)

When he comes out we hang out a bit .. Sometimes he is in the mood for a second pop and sometimes he wants to cuddle

after he got dressed left an envelope on the dresser. Winked at me and said see you next week..

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